10 science fiction films from 1979 that are worth revisiting. Influential,. horror to art -house, foreign. This Estonian film is based on a sci fi detective.The 15 Best Sci-fi Horror Movies of All Time. 11 June 2015. yet that’s not to say that it is no longer a sci-fi horror film. 1979) “In space no one.

Alien, directed by Ridley Scott was produced and released in 1979 and is a science fiction film which also contains aspects of horror and film noir as well as sticking to the conventions of a typical sci-fi film.. Horror, Sci-Fi | 1 June 1979. Angus Scrimm’s Final Film Dances with Werewolves Hits VOD this Halloween. Phantasm (1979).

First and foremost we must acknowledge Alien, the 1979 sci-fi horror film directed by Ridley Scott. 10 Horror Movies That Went to Space Close. Best of the Web.

Venice Film Festival; Toronto Film Festival;. Horror, Sci-Fi | 22 June 1979 (USA) 2:05 | Trailer. Alien (1979).A list of horror films released in 1979. Horror films released in 1979; Title Director Cast Country Notes; Alien: Ridley Scott: Sigourney Weaver, Tom Skerritt.

15 Obscure Sci-Fi Films Worth Seeking Out. By:. This 1997 Canadian sci-fi horror film. Nicholas Meyer made his feature film directing debut in 1979 with the sci.topscifi view history talk. Dreadit's Top 20 Sci-Fi Horror Films. As submitted and voted on by r/horror readers. Alien - Ridley Scott - 1979.